The FLI-x is an online learning community for policy and system entrepreneurs being developed by Future Law Institute (FLI). FLI-x multi-media platform provides an 100+ hour library of summit talks, workshops, interviews, panel discussions, along with premium masterclasses and courses aimed to stimulate and enhance emergent thinking and practice on policies for a safer, more just, more ecologically resilient world.  

The Future Law Institute, United Kingdom explores the intersection of complexity theory and legal system change to build new forms of legal collaboration and policy entrepreneurship transnationally to address global challenges. Through the Global COVID-19 Policy Response (GCPR) Meta-Legal Research Initiative, FLI is building a platform to facilitate transnational and trans-disciplinary knowledge sharing and to serve as an engagement point for lawyers, academics, policymakers, business and civil society to build a more effective preparedness plan for future global crises. To learn more about the work of the Institute and how you can join the collaborative visit www.futurelaw.io.